Cash or Card, Which Is a Better Payment Method?

One of the things that make e-taxi hailing services like GoComTaxi a convenient way to travel is the payment methods.  A ride can be paid for by cash or Card.

It suits everyone. For people that loves to moves without cash, they could pay with card and the people that may not have access to their ATM cards, they can just simply pay for the ride by cash.

Paying with card

With your card registered and selected in the GoComTaxi app, any payment for rides will be automatically charged to the card. When you create a GoComtaxi account, you will be asked to enter a card or other payment method for use on rides.

If you’d like to add a new card, just select “Payment” on the app menu, tap “Add Payment” and then select card. You can then enter your card details manually or scan your card in with your device’s camera.

Paying with Cash

To make a cash payment for a GoComTaxi ride, just request a ride as usual and then select the “CASH” option at the bottom of the screen as your payment option.

NOTE: You can also swap payment methods at the bottom of a screen before the end of a ride.

Which is better?

Both methods are easy and depending on the rider and the circumstances, the methods serve everyone. But based on recent observations, Nigerians feel more comfortable paying with cash. Although, the card methods serves for the situations when there is no cash. But like I said earlier, for some people that don’t carry cash around, paying with card is probably better for them.

At GoComTaxi, we serve all our clients with our payment methods. So in any situation, you find yourself, we have got you. Just order your ride anytime and choose the payment method that you prefer.

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