Is GoComTaxi Up To The Competition?

Taxi hailing Service has over the years been explored by various platforms. These are services that use online-enabled platforms to connect between passengers and local drivers using their personal vehicles. In most cases they are a comfortable method for door-to-door transport. Usually they are cheaper than using licensed taxicabs.

The taxi-hailing service ecosystem in Nigeria is a market filled with so many competitors, how does GoComtaxi think they can level up?

This post today is an exposé to both our riders and drivers on the unique selling point of GoCom taxi and why it stands out.

GoCom is an innovative and dynamic taxi service company ready to help you gain some financial independence. Our main focus is helping Nigerians gain financial independence while de-stressing their lives.

Nigerians live everyday trying to do better, chasing after our dreams, making ends meet and having the time of our lives. One constant in all these is that we will have to move from place to place.  Our modes of transport are frequently unreliable and locations affect a lot of decisions particularly for those living in busy metropolitan cities like Abuja and Lagos.

GoComTaxi is all about rendering the best service to you as our partner-drivers and as riders. Helping you get to where you want to go is our mission. Helping drivers attain financial independence even with and flexible work schedule is our vision.

GoComTaxi is a platform to empower Nigerians. Make life better for people. Put smiles on faces and food on the table.

Are we up to the competition?

With this passion of empowerment and zeal to make lives better, not only are we up to the competition.

 We raise the bar.

By offering unique benefits to our drivers. These include;

  • Low deductions – Our commission rate is low and the exciting thing about this is that all our rider promos does not affect your rates or their commission
  • Within 24 hours settlement – We promise a 24 hour settlement for all our driver-partners
  • Subsidized car maintenance – We offer a subsidy to our partners for routine car maintenance
  • Easy payment procedure – The payment procedure is simple and straightforward without any form of hassle.
  • Stable orders With our rider

We don’t just have drivers on our platform, we have PARTNERS.

Our Riders are clients. For them we offer two exclusive packages

 GOCOM TRENDY: For Riders that need trendy and upward mobile drivers.

GOCOM EXECUTIVE: For Classic and reserved riders that prefer cleaner and more executive cars for outings, meetings and business engagements.

And these benefits:                                                                             


 You get 50% discount on your first ride. To welcome you as a member of the GoCom family

  • 7thMAGIC 

0% charge on drivers on 7th ride and 20% discount for riders


Enjoy rides with 10% off on Sundays (6am to 12 noon) and on Friday (12noon to 3pm) for Muslims.


Get a treat in a fancy restaurant in town with your partner as the highest rider in the month


Book or Reserve a ride following the 4 easy steps in 3 minutes from start to finish.


Fully optimized and interactive interface that guarantees satisfactory experience for all users


View your location and Track your ride within 3 seconds of opening the GoCom application


All these and more is what we bring to the table.

We don’t just run a ride hailing platform, we are an empowerment company dedicated to helping people.

Now you tell me, are we up to the competition?

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