This week, I am going to educate you on how to improve and build your rider ratings on the GoComTaxi App.

I bet you did not know that riders also get rated. This is an accumulation of the driver-partners that has driven you on trips. This should not be less than 3. If it is less than that, it gives an impression of the rider and could even make some drivers avoid you. I heard some people even judge a character based on your rider’s rating.

 A rider using a taxi hailing service is usually in partnership with the driver.  It is quite easy to earn a five-star on your rider’s rating. But if you presently have a low rating and you are wondering exactly why some drivers will rate you low, these could be the reasons why. And also if you are about to start building your rating, here some tips collected from different drivers that you should look out for.

  • Be Polite

This is perhaps the most important of all. Being polite to your drivers will help boost your ratings. Respect everyone. Don’t order them around or treat them like they are your servants. Drivers are car owner that partners with GoComTaxi, they should be treated as such. Not as servants or your personal drivers. Request for things politely. If you want the radio station changed or even turned off entirely, ask politely. If you need their help with something like say, a stuck seatbelt, ask politely. This is just simple courtesy and it rubs off well on people.

  • Don’t Be a Backseat Driver

We have had a lot of drivers complain about this. Some riders enter the car and start to give orders to the driver on how to drive. Our drivers are competent people. Have faith in them and let them render an exquisite service to you without you interfering every minute. If you feel there is something they could have better, you can say it. But don’t overstress it and don’t be excessively demanding. Which leads me to the next related but different one.

  • Obey the Law

We have had reports of riders asking driver-partners to break the law. They could request that they drive past speed limit or even disobey traffic signals and road signs. This doesn’t vibe well with drivers. There are responsible citizens that understand the importance of obeying the law. You asking them to break is just a bad color on you and that leads to low ratings.

  • Don’t book Till You’re Ready

This happens a lot with riders. They book a ride and then end up delaying the driver because they were not ready. This is wrong. Delaying our driver-partner is frustrating and doesn’t speak well of you. If you’re not ready, don’t book it yet. Our pick up time is less than three minutes and the driver will be there in no time. You delaying your driver just leads to low ratings. Order a ride and patiently wait for it.

  • Pick an Easy Place as Your Pick-up Location

This can make a trip start on a sour note. When picking pins for pick up, choose an easy to locate pin. It doesn’t have to be directly in front of your house if you know it might not be easy to find. It’s not fair to have the driver driving around, wasting fuel and exhausting phone credit when you can make it easier by waiting by in an easy to find location.

  • Don’t Slam Doors or Litter the Seats

I am combining these two because they fall in the same category. Slamming car doors in wrong. Polluting the seats is also wrong. You shouldn’t give the driver extra work because now he/she would have to clean that before taking on another rider. This mainly happens when people eat inside the car. If you must eat while in the car, do well to make sure you do not litter the seat. If you are going to travel with your kids, pay attention so they don’t litter the seats.

  • Don’t overcrowd the car

I have seen a couple of friends order just a ride and end up with over six of them in the car. The limit is four, anything higher than that, the driver would have to ask you to alight. That is the professional thing to do as stipulated by us. So don’t make things difficult. Don’t overcrowd the car.

  • Tip Your Drivers

This is optional, I know but I will still advise you to tip your driver. You could leave the change with them particular if you are paying by cash. And you could also add to it if you are paying by card. Even if it is just a little. Like, I said earlier, it is not compulsory, but if you want to improve your rating as a rider, you should do this.

Note; if you are going to order a ride for someone with your GoComTaxi account, you have them know that their actions will rub off on you and tell in your ratings.

Now, that I have pointed all these out, I believe you have all it takes to be a five star rider. That is, if you stick to this rules. Enjoy your rides with GoComTaxi.

Ride smart…. Live large. �V��&

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